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Clay Techniques
Children's Workshop
August 14-15, 2002

Workshop for children teaching slab, coil, pinch and other ways of creating with clay.

Although our main focus in August was working with adults, it is part of CCC, Inc. philosophy to be all inclusive, so we didn't want to exclude the children.

We held a 2 day workshop which was attended by 10 children. As with other workshops we have offered the fact that we charged a small fee limited the attendance.
I had also wanted to offer a free workshop for the local children, but we ran out of time and it didn't happen. The children were able to work with Laurel on her mosaic project, so that made up for the missing clay workshop.

In the workshop that was taught, Barbara covered the basic ceramic techniques. She also had the children make their own tools for working with the clay. Because it was an all day affair, we took a break for the children to teach us a game and then another one when a friend of mine showed up with a drum and some other instruments. He gave a short music lesson which the children enjoyed.

From my own observations and comments heard from parents, I feel that workshops for children are extremely important. The children do not get much art in school and are not stimulated intellectually during their vacation and weekend time. They do not fill in their spare time with computers and TV and movies as western children do. They are eager to learn and very receptive to any skills that we teach them.

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