Talk True and Rebecca

James Culver Jr.

Esther and Angela

Rebecca and Alex 


Story Collecting Workshop
August 2003

James Culver, Jr. an American children's story author, Rebecca Martin, an American ESL teacher and Alex Bud, a British university student facilitated our first story collecting workshop.

After a formal meeting where objectives were explained, people were invited to come to Aba House at their own convenience to tell their stories. And for the month of August we collected and collected. Now we will edit, organize and re-convene next summer to continue.

The idea is to introduce non-Ghanaians to a unique culture through the words of the people who live in it. We have a story from Esther, a young girl who lives to sing in her church choir and a story from a fetish priest in a remote village... and everything in-between.

Talk True's story

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