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For a visiting potter being in Ghana is like letting a kid loose in a candy shop. There is so much to sample. Ghana is divided into 10 regions and each has its own pottery traditions. The country also has many contemporary potters who are inspired by their ancestors.

Traditionally potters were women and that is still true in many villages, but contemporary potters are overwhelmingly men.

Perhaps the most famous pottery village is Vume, which was established by Michael Cardew. A kiln stands tall like a shrine with a tree towering over it and although the kiln hasn’t been used in years, it inspires one to reflect on the impact that Cardew, an Englishman, had on African pottery. This is where he set up a workshop in 1943 to research clay and stimulate African pottery production. About an hour and a half from Aba House on a narrow road that ends in Togo there is an air of excitement as you approach Vume. Clay pots line the road and extend back row after row in imitation of crops on nearby farms.

I admit that I am biased toward traditional pots and sensed a bit of irony seeing strange shaped contemporary pots to attract tourists…..after all Cardew found beauty in nature and simple forms.

CROSS CULTURAL COLLABORATIVE offers workshops with traditional Ghanaian potters.

COST: $1999.00 for 2 weeks
Includes: airport pickup - room - breakfast/dinner - workshop - materials - visits to traditional villages - galleries - museums -large outdoor markets

Please contact us to start planing your visit.

For groups of 8 or more people we can organize a tour to northern Ghana where you can interact with village women to decorate a wall of a mud house.

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