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Cross Cultural Collaborative (CCC) is an educational non-profit facilitating creative interaction of people from all cultures. Experiencing another culture can be both immersive and transcendental. A Ghanaian proverb says, ďThe man who has never traveled thinks that his motherís cooking is the best.ď

We at CCC offer a summer learning program in Ghana, West Africa. We have a cultural center where authors, story makers, and teachers, as well as Ghanaian artisans and local children, can converse through art and language, and create things together. Service learning programs can last from two to eight weeks during July and August.

The program is facilitated by the co - directors of CROSS CULTURAL COLLABORATIVE:

Ellie Schimelman - American artist/teacher who has worked in Ghana for 30+ years

Kwao Adipah - retired Director of Curriculum in the Ghana Ministry of Education

Our program explores the cultural, artistic, and historical connections that keep Ghanaians grounded and unique. We will address, through experiential learning and reflection, what is viable in a country that is moving into the 21st century with an eye to its past and its future.

Participants will stay at our cultural center and interact with Ghanaians on a personal level. They will participate in meaningful community service, visit sites of historical interest and have time to reflect on themselves as citizens of a country and of a globe. For example, the Ghanaian culture is rooted in respect for the earth; everything in nature has a soul. Many rituals exist to insure that humans and their environment can co-exist peacefully.

Donít want to bring a group of students? Then come by yourself. You wonít be alone for long. Each summer we host teachers, artists, researchers, all sorts of interesting people from all over the world. You can volunteer to work with local kids or artists or just sit on our deck and watch the fisherman. Our guest house/ cultural center is located across the street from the ocean in a fishing village in a suburb of Accra.

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