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JULY 2020

Tour Northern Ghana

The north is the largest region in Ghana. It is less visited than the south where Accra is located and has a different history and more laid back vibe. We go into traditional villages where mud houses are painted with symbolic designs by the local women, where men drum and where we turn a corner and find sacred rocks.
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Artist Residency in Ghana

Artists will have the opportunity to work independently and collaboratively, to meet local artisans and to be immersed in the local culture.
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Independent Study

you can rent a room and work space - work on your own project - meet local artisans - write that book that you're thinking about
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Story Collecting

join us! In past years workshops we interviewed market women, village elders, a juju man, artists (drummers, potters, sign-painters), village teachers. These stories resulted in the publication of our book, "The Hardships and Goodships of growing up in Ghana". Help us work towards our next collection of stories.
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African Textile Workshop

live and work with indigenous textile artisans - visit galleries and museums - meet dealers in antique cloth
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Ceramics Workshop

For a visiting potter being in Ghana is like letting a kid loose in a candy shop. There is so much to sample. CCC offers workshops with traditional Ghanaian potters.
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Puppet making

Yovo Kodjo master puppet maker and performer from Togo and Kobbi Klutse talented drummer, artisan and puppeteer from Ghana will teach, demonstrate and perform for 1 week at Aba House . This is a unique opportunity to study and interact with talented Africans in a creative atmosphere.
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Service Learning in Ghana

Participants will stay at our cultural center and interact with Ghanaians on a personal level. They will participate in meaningful community service, visit sites of historical interest and have time to reflect on themselves as citizens of a country and of a globe.
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Experience Ghana on a personal level

We offer a unique opportunity to experience Ghana and to interact with Africans on a personal level - to see for yourself what Africa is really like learn more

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