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Inside Out Project, August 2018
With Delia Seigenthaler

We are now part of the Inside Out Project. It's an amazing photography exhibit of HUGE photographs in communities all over the world. Thanks to Delia, who came to Aba House, pictures of Nungua residents are now plastered all over our village.

Inside Out Project
by Delia Seigenthaler

It was an honor to collaborate with the Inside Out Project in August of 2018 in Ghana. During my second trip to Cross Cultural Collaborative, I photographed the people of Aba House in the fishing village of Nungua. We were excited that the world would have the opportunity to see the beautiful spirit of the people of Ghana.

The school children, the teachers, the neighbors, and the young artists were all happy to participate. This very close community depends upon the support of each other and we wanted to highlight the creativity of the people living there. The weaver, the principal at the school, the potters from the Volta region, the Adinkra printer, the school administrator, the cooks, the dancers, and the girls all had a huge impact.

The people of Nungua are faithful and generous, caring, funny, creative and extremely proud of their culture and were eager to tell their story. Through this project we were able to discover connections and bring a community even closer together.

We are thankful for the Inside Out Project. With them, we were allowed to show the world Nungua, a place where there are challenges for the people who live there; a community where the people have the strength to look beyond to a brighter future.

Inside Out Slideshow

To learn more about the Inside Out Project and see more photos of our project in Nungua,
go to Cross Cultural Collaboration in Ghana, "PORTRAITS OF A FISHING VILLAGE IN GHANA"